Sang Sik Hong Used Straws to Create Stunning Art Pieces

 - Dec 19, 2011
References: patrajdas & cakeheadlovesevil.wordpress
For many, the only thing that come to mind when thinking about straws is a drink; however, for Koren artist Sang Sik Hong, these cylindrical sticks have another use. Hong created giant sculptures made from drinking straws.

Visually striking, these large-scale art pieces were built to explore human desires such as power and sex. Filled with delicate irony, these flimsy structures have attractive shapes like lips, eyes and red heels, intensifying the overall theme. The fact that these sculptures are made of a disposable and weak material like straws makes for an interesting contrast between the ideas represented (strength and desire), and the actual mode of representing them.

The art by Sang Sik Hong is not only mesmerizing, but it also questions humanity's values and feelings.