Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom to Create a Nationwide Network

 - Jun 8, 2016
References: & theverge
The idea of smart cities is a very cool one, but up until recently it hasn't really seemed to be happening on a large scale -- that is until Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom teamed up. The two companies are aiming to create the world's first nationwide LoRaWAN-based network for commercial use in South Korea.

Standing for Long Range Wide-Area Network, Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom's LoRaWAN-based network will be a low-power, long-range, and low-bandwidth networking solution that will augment existing sensors currently blanketing the city. From renewable energy sources to medial purposes and electric vehicle infrastructures, the possibilities rendered by such an expansive network is exciting. South Korea has always been trailblazer in telecom deployments.