The Ponystep Magazine Sam Kilcoyne Photoshoot is Youthful

 - Dec 5, 2012
References: independent & ponystep
Ponystep Magazine's Issue 3 features an article dedicated to 'The Original Underager,' otherwise known as 19 year old Sam Kilcoyne. Kilcoyne challenged the static nature of youthful activity at the age of 14 with his launch of the Underage Club.

Kilcoyne's baby became the site of alternative band performances. Londoner's below the age of 18 could flock to the event to enjoy the music that they would otherwise not be privy to as most shows took place at 19+ bars only.

The Underage Club idea eventually turned into a reputable festival. He has since been painted as, "...a poster boy for Generation Y." In spite of the heady praise is Kilcoyne's modest attitude and outlook, reflected here in stylist Julian Ganio's use of ripped jeans and ironic studded collars.