The Conceptual 'Salon Q' Faucet Allows for Quick Cleansing and Rinsing

 - Oct 20, 2018
References: yankodesign
The conceptual 'Salon Q' faucet has been designed as a functional solution for hairstylists to integrate into their salon when looking to provide a quick yet therapeutic experience for consumers. The faucet consists of a ring finger attachment that can be comfortably affixed onto the hand of the hairstylist when washing the hair of their client instead of using traditional spraying nozzles. This helps to provide a soothing massage as they wash the hair, while also working to limit the amount of water needed for a more eco-friendly process.

The conceptual 'Salon Q' faucet has been designed by Lin Yi-Su and Shen Yi-Lin, and is the winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for 2018.