Rice University Students Transform Salad Spinner into 'Sally Centrifuge'

 - May 4, 2010
References: media.rice.edu
Lauren Theis and Lila Kerr, students from Rice University, have transformed a salad spinner into a centrifuge, which they call Sally Centrifuge. The DIY centrifuge, which can be used to diagnose diseases, doesn't require electricity to operate.

Lauren Theis and Lila Kerr used a salad spinner, some plastic lids, combs, yogurt containers and a hot glue gun to create the incredible Sally Centrifuge. The centrifuge can separate 15 micro-liters of blood into plasma and heavy red blood cells in just 15 minutes. The device can also detect HIV, malnutrition and malaria. Since Sally Centrifuge can be operated without electricity, it is being considered as an invaluable tool for clinics in developing countries.