The Streamlined Safety Razor is Manufactured with Aircraft Grade Materials

 - Nov 30, 2013
References: standardrazors & yankodesign
It is fitting that an object designed to smoothen your skin should have its own sleekness of design. The Safety Razor is appropriately produced with aircraft-grade metal material for a streamlined and modern look. Even the sharp heads of the grooming tools are slick in appearance.

Made by Standard Razors, this product costs about $80 but the consumer is promised robustness. The handle of the implement is a sturdy cylindrical form that's thick and ideal for affording a good grip. The end attachment conceals a pair of double-edged razor blades within a curved shape, and this fastens easily to the tip of the handle for painless replacement. The Safety Razor comes in black and silver and it certainly sharpens up your toiletries kit.