Safety Light is Ideal for Flood-Prone Areas to Facilitate Cautious Driving

 - May 2, 2013
References: yankodesign
Many people have experienced bouts of intense rainfall during which water levels rise at a rate much greater than what storm sewers can manage. Motorists in areas that are struck by this sort of weather would greatly benefit from the installation of Safety Lights.

Conceived by Wu Yu-Ning, Lin Chyun-Chau, Luo Yih-Wenn and Hsu Hsiang-Han, this concept comprises tire-safe cat eye road studs, integrated LED lights and H2O batteries. The individual lamps would be embedded in the asphalt of urban, suburban and even rural roads, lined up along the boundaries of the lanes and the shoulders of the streets.

As the water level begins to rise, the fuel cells of the Safety Lights commence energy conversion. They then begin to glow with such intensity that their beams are visible from a foot below, guiding stranded drivers out of danger.