Ryan Burke’s Self Portraits Have a Transformative Pow

 - Dec 4, 2013
References: designtaxi
New York-based portrait photographer and makeup artist Ryan Burke is well-known for his influences and experiences with drag queens and a diverse range of personalities. He prides himself in creating things that continuously push the boundaries of art and fashion in a way that makes him stand out. And he has done just that in his recent self-portraits.

The transformative series of self-portraits stem from spending around 8 hours, creating intricate and embellished looks for himself before going out to parties. Through his use of leaves, pearls, artificial fruit and other props to enhance the visual avalanches that he so eloquently creates; the result is a series of beautifully contrasted self-portraits that often seen to be otherworldly.

From light and airy ornately decorated leaf headpieces to more elaborate shots like having a red nest-like structure wrapped around his head, his pictures take on a surreal quality.