The Russian Ministry of Health Ad Campaign is Cleverly Inquisitive

 - Sep 25, 2013
References: bbdo & ibelieveinadv
Most people don't have consult a search engine to know that smoking is bad for them, but the Russian Ministry of Health ad campaign goes there anyways. Cleverly depicting the search bar as a cigarette look-a-like, it shows that more often than not the problem is staring a person right in the face. Thus, they really don't need any help finding their direction to it.

The Russian Ministry of Health ad campaign was conceived and executed by the BBDO ad agency branch based in Moscow, Russia. Aside from the search words, which include 'cancer,' 'heart attack' and 'impotence,' the print ads read, 'Don't you care?!' If not, hopefully this ad campaign will help smokers open their eyes and turn a new leaf.