'Vincent' Collection for Men is Inspired by the Russian Mob

 - Jan 31, 2009
References: hannah-martin & pipeline.refinery29
When it comes to jewelry for men, there aren't many unique designs besides basic watches, mundane chains and ridiculous bling. Hannah Martin designs men's jewelry for the "decadent and dissolute, luxury for the villainous and elegant, and beauty for the wild and untamed. Where hedonism rules with opulence and men will find treasure beyond their wildest dreams."

Martin's latest collection, 'Vincent,' is for who she calls "Mafia-minded men." Imagined as the wares of an underground Russian mob leader, the collection features sharp, angular pieces that are as wearable as they are menacing. There's a hexagonal bangle, an imperial eagle talisman and a faceted signet ring of hand-cut onyx embellished with a small diamond--not too much bling for an oligarch.

Also shown in the gallery are pieces from earlier collections, including a 13-spike ring of 18 carat gold with black rhodium and rubies, a pearl bracelet (is that the right name for a man's wrist adornment?), the 'Bid for Freedom' hand cuff, a spur ring, a spur necklace, and leather wrist strap. Who says that stylish jewelry is only for the gals?