The 'rufferee' System Helps Users Train Their Pet Remotely

PetSafe recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for a new product called 'rufferee,' which allows users to train and monitor their pet remotely. Using the power of Bluetooth technology, this product helps pet owners keep an eye on their furry friend at all times.

The rufferee system from PetSafe is a series of devices that allow pet owners to monitor the behavior of their animals while they are out of the home. The system consists of a Bluetooth-enabled pet collar, thee flags for items the user wishes to monitor and a free app for receiving real-time updates. Users can then assign each flag as avoidance or monitor. The monitor setting will relay how often the pet visits a particular flag, while the avoidance setting with deliver a vibration or non-harming static correction if the pet comes too close to a particular flag. As a result, users can customize the system for purposes such as keeping their cat from scratching up the sofa or ensures their dog is getting food from its food dish.

The system ultimately provides a safe and effective solution for pet-owners interested in monitoring their animals remotely.