This Tragic Clip Tells Players What It's Like to be Rubert da Koopa

 - Sep 28, 2012
References: youtube & youtube
This video shows a busy day in the Mushroom Kingdom for dear Rubert da Koopa -- all the Mario characters are hating on him when all he wants to do is make nice.

In this depressingly funny two-minute video, viewers will finally get to see what it's like to be a koopa. Has anyone ever wondered why Mario has to jump and smash all the koopas? Just because the koopas make you small, doesn't mean you have to kill them. They are only attacking Mario because he's invading their territory.

Rubert da Koopa starts off his day by giving greetings to his good friends and neighbors who are soon destroyed, thanks to Mario. Evil Mario explodes from the pipe, each of which are named by Rubert, and stomps on the poor koopa, only to chuck him like a bowling ball towards his pals. If you're ever wondering what happened to all the Marios who died in the games, you'll have to see that for yourselves.