This Flower Sprinkler Involves a Different Moisture-Delivering Motion

 - May 2, 2013
References: manufactum & likecool
You've probably never seen a watering can quite like the Rubber Squeeze Flower Sprinkler. The majority of garden dousers have large inflexible canisters, handles and spouts, and require you to tip them slightly in order to pour the fluid contents out.

In the case of this quirky contraption, you have a supple bulb with a long metal pipe and the familiar perforated faucet. To fill it up, hold it underwater in a full sink basin, squeeze it and then release your tight grip. It will draw liquid into the chamber in place of the air.

To use the Rubber Squeeze Flower Sprinkler, point its steel head over your thirsty plants. It will dribble naturally, but you can pinch it to encourage an increased flow.