The MD's Pick Gel Rubber Face Masks Boast a Unique Formula

 - Nov 16, 2016
References: glowrecipe & youtube
Unlike many face masks that can be used straight out of the package, the Modeling Rubber Face Mask from MD's Pick requires a bit of mixing to prepare.

The package itself takes the form of a basin that can be used to combine the alginate 'Mask Base' with the 'Snow Melting' treatment powder, both of which are packaged separately until they are ready to use. For easy mixing, application and clean-up, a spatula is also included in the face care kit.

Once the ingredients have been mixed to form a gel, the Korean beauty product can be applied to the skin, where it takes on a rubbery texture that can be effortlessly peeled away from the face for removal. Each of the MD's Pick Modeling Rubber Masks come in different colors suited for different purposes, such as Luxe Gold, Pearl Brightening and Clarifying.