The rStream Motorcycle Uses Sound to Protect Its Rider

 - Aug 24, 2011
References: clementlagneau & ecofriend
Clément Lagneau's rStream Motorcycle is an eco-friendly bike designed to protect its rider with sound. The rStream creates different sounds depending on the speed of the bike.

Riders driving the bike through the city at a low and safe speed will hear a "natural sound." As the rider increases his speed, so does the rStream Motorcycle increase its sound. At high speeds, the bike emits a high-pitched whine. The purpose of this whine is to make motorists aware of the motorcycle besides them.

The rStream creates its sound using wind-powered infrabass (air rushing in creates the sounds). Besides the ability to make noise, the bike also has a storage compartment where its gas tank would be. The wheels on this bike are both spoke-less and are partially covered. According to Lagneau, the covering of the wheels improves traction and stability. You can check out the futuristic and rider-friendly rStream Motorcycle here.