The 'Rome in Infrared' Series Photographs the City With a Pink Filter

 - Jul 27, 2016
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Hungarian photographer Milán Rácmolnár wished to captured Rome in another light with his 'Rome in Infrared' series. Rácmolnár converted his old model of a Nikon D3200 into an infrared camera.

Rácmolnár wanted to use the infrared to capture the city in a different perspective, and because of this he was "able to give the series a somewhat peculiar look." The series captures various aspects of the Italian city, from tourist attractions to everyday locations. A closed merry-go-round looks otherworldly through the infrared filter, making all the bushes pink and all the detailing at the top appearing more delicate through the pink lens.

Some of the photos are more subtle with the infrared filter, such as the photos taken at the Trevi fountain and in St. Peter's Square. Rome in Infrared seems like an urban twist on Richard Mosse's infrared photo series of the Congo.