The 'ROLR' App Lets Users Act Out Their Favorite Film Scenes

 - Jul 20, 2016
The ‘ROLR’ app is a new video collaboration platform that invites users to act out their favorite movie scenes with friends around the world. Although users work in the context of movie scenes, they are free to add their own personality and flare to the roles.

Users simply select a role from a film and they can invite other users to "role back" to collaborate on re-enacting a film scene. Users can then post the collaboration video within the ROLR community, on Facebook and Twitter and share it by text message. Users can even role with existing roles created by friends or featured on the home feed and new content from movies, celebrities and social media influencers are being featured every day on the app. The ROLR app is a great way for movie lovers to put their own spin on their favorite movie scenes and share the experience with friends and other film fans.