The New Space Toy for Nasa More is Maneuverable Than Traditional Rovers

 - Jan 5, 2013
References: & treehugger
In a combined effort of some major intellectuals at NASA, MIT and Stanford comes the Robotic Hedgehogs meant for easier space exploration. So move over, rover and let Robotic Hedgehogs take over.

Instead of using Wheels, the Robotic Hedgehogs use spinning disks which allow them to roll and bound their way to where no man has gone before. The spinning disks also make the Space Hedgehogs a lot easier to control, as traditional rovers have a difficult time in low-gravity environments.

The Robotic Hedgehogs work with a mother ship known as The Phobos Surveyor which collects large-scale measurements, while the Robotic Hedghogs are tumbling about getting more detailed data.

Did anyone else notice the uncanny similarities between the Robotic Hedgehog and a certain legendary blue video game hedgehog that also rolls and bounds? It's subtly proven: NASA are a bunch of video game nerds.