The Busy Streets of Congo Have Employed Towering Robots to Instill Control

 - Apr 29, 2015
References: kumatoo & telegraph
When someone mentions robot traffic cops, it is easy to immediately think about sci-fi movies. This is not the case, however, in Kinshasa, Congo, where robot traffic cops are being used to manage the heavy traffic in the city.

Created by Thérèse Izay Kirongozi and her team from Women's Technology (Wotech), these robot traffic cops are solar-powered and made of aluminium. At 8 feet tall, they tower over all the cars and motorcycles making their way down the crowded roads. The "hands" of the robot traffic cops have red and green lights to regulate traffic flow, and on its revolving torso is a traffic camera, which transmits the traffic footage to the police station in real time.

These robots cost $27,500 dollars to make and are being accepted by both the police and the citizens. The robot traffic cops have been quite successful in bringing order to busy traffic intersections in Kinshasa.