This Robot Fish Can Dive, Float and Explore Like Any Aquatic Animal

 - Jul 1, 2013
References: geekosystem
Scientists from the National University of Singapore unveiled the first robot fish that can flexibly move in any direction three-dimensionally. This creation, named the RoboCarp, can also dive and float. This fish-bot brings us one step closer to using technology to perform useful underwater tasks like investigating sunken shipwrecks or pipeline leaks.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering departments of NUS observed all the ways that a carp moves through cameras. Those motions were then translated into mathematical data and were coded to program this advanced fish-bot. Specific materials like fine acrylic boards and plastic foams were used to allow the RoboCarp's fins and tail optimal flexibility and buoyancy.

The creators plan on installing a GPS and video camera on the RoboCarp to perform complex tasks. The robot fish will be presented at the upcoming 'International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems' in Tokyo.