The 'RoboRoach' Kit Lets You Enslave a Cockroach Using Neurosurgery

 - Jun 12, 2013
References: kickstarter & psfk
The first step to world domination is mind control and the 'RoboRoach' kit will teach you just that. RoboRoach is a DIY neurosurgery kit that lets you operate on a cockroach. In effect, you are creating a cyborg cockroach that you can control with a smartphone.

The device works be leveraging the cockroach's dependence on their antennae. Neurons on the antenna allow the cockroach to navigate the world around them. The RoboRoach uses that sensitivity to control a cockroach. After inserting wires into the antenna, a backpack on the back of your cyborg slave allows you to control it. Sending controls to the bug through your phone prompts the cockroach to move.

Though extremely impressive, the cockroach is able to regain control after a few minutes. The cockroach's brain learns to stop responding to the signals from your device over time.