Robert Strati Creates Simple Schematics for Complex Subject Matters

 - Oct 2, 2012
References: robstrati & fastcodesign
Although blueprints are more often than not created with a practical purpose in mind--for example, constructing a building--Robert Strati of Strati Lab shows that they are still works of art in and of themselves. He does so by applying the classic blueprint model for not-so-classic scenarios. From music to astrophysics and hot air balloons, Robert Strati pulls inspiration from anywhere and anything.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Robert Strati reveals, "I was in Ohio listening to an experimental band called Queen Mae and the Bells, and their minimalistic music made me start imagining a new way to represent sound." From there, his blueprints expanded to all sorts of subject matters. Robert Strati creates the schematics in Illustrator.