'Aeolus' Vertically Designed Airship Concept

 - Jan 25, 2009
References: cardesignnews & greenmuze
The Aeolus airship is an exciting passenger vehicle concept to come out of the Braunschweig University Degree Show 2008. The vehicle, conceived by student designer Christopher Ottersbach, is intended to allow easy travel close to the earth without the need of any type of infrastructure.

The airship is actually full of helium, and like a balloon, it floats and is moved along by the wind and directed with dual side-mounted propellers. There is room for up to 4 people, and in theory the Aeolus can stay afloat for up to 2 weeks.

Think of the possibilities of travel without gas and without the need for a road. Granted, it’s a big ‘boat’ to be parking, and you’re not going to break any speed limits getting to your destination.

The dreamy photos of the Aeolus (Greek god of wind) in a Sahara-like background are stunning, and almost have a prehistoric feel to them.