The 'RIZE' Sculpture is a Spiraling Art Piece for Home Decorating

 - Aug 18, 2016
References: mtr-designs & kickstarter
The RIZE sculpture is a piece of art that uses a substance invented by NASA to create a beautiful, hypnotic effect. Ferrofluid is a type of liquid that reacts to magnetism in bizarre and captivating ways, and the RIZE sculpture takes advantage of its wild behaviour to create art.

The sculpture itself is a glass jar full of water and ferrofluid that contains a screw and is mounted on a brushed aluminum base. Hidden within the base is a nickel-plated N52 magnet, and with this magnet, the magic begins. The magnet magnetizes the screw, causing the ferrofluid to spiral around its threads and rise toward the top of the jar. This effect lasts between two and four minutes, until all the ferrofluid has risen, and can be repeated by taking the jar off the base and allowing the ferrofluid to settle.