- Mar 23, 2007
References: wakeupontime
You can throw out that pesky alarm clock now, thanks to a new pill that ensures you will wake up on time without that obnoxious screeching of your buzzer in the mornings.

"Wake Up On Time" is an all-natural pill taken before going to sleep. Rise-N-Shine L.L.C claims that its new miracle product will help people rise happily with an alert mind and high levels of energy.

Founder Cathy Beggan claims the pill is the solution to end morning grogginess. As well as increasing energy, the pill is also said to boost immunity. Beggan says it doesn't stop there though as the pill works by "elevating moods, enhancing memory, circulation, metablosim and digestion." The only side-effects Beggan warns of are weight loss and improved moods.

Ingredients of the time-release capsule include Amino Acids, several b vitamins, Guarana Seed and Ginseng. The miracle in a bottle can is limited to certai health stores but can be ordered online at www.wakeupontime.com