Rinko Kawauchi Captures Disgusting Moments from Roadkill to Raw Meat

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: rinkokawauchi & lifelounge.au
Rinko Kawauchi’s disturbing photography depicts some of the most nightmarish events that even the wildest of imaginations could not possibly create. She has captured everything from a dead deer lying in a pool of its own blood on a deserted highway to a boy covered in crawling flies. Each of these photos causes a visceral reaction in the viewer. It's often nausea-inducing but viewers may frequently feel awe-inspired by the dreamlike quality offered by Kawauchi's twisted photo series.

The visceral reactions caused by Kawauchi’s photos demonstrate how effective her work can be. Photography is often easy to look at and peruse but when done artfully it can be difficult to grasp and hard to stomach. These photographs are representative of that. Not only do they depict dark and macabre events, they do so unashamedly. Everything is shown without a veil or a filter. With Kawauchi’s photos everything is as it seems. It’s a refreshing change from the heavily edited works traditionally produced by contemporary photographers. While Rinko Kawauchi might produce disturbing work, she is a true artist.