The 'RIDM' Performs Body Composition Analysis in Just 7 Seconds

 - Jul 11, 2018
References: ridm-bca & yankodesign
The 'RIDM' device is an advanced piece of equipment that will enable users to perform body composition analysis (BCA) procedures in mere seconds to determine your personal health status.

The device works by being held between your fingers and using the principles of bio-electrical impedance to take a number of readings pertaining to your metabolic rate, weight, water weight, body type, skeletal muscle mass and much more. These readings can be done in just seven-seconds with the data being ideal for health-conscious individuals who are looking to gain better insight into their overall body health.

The 'RIDM' device has been developed in partnership with LG Electronics and acknowledges the rising number of consumers who are seeking out simple ways to track their health.