Richard Wilkinson Captures His Subjects in Abject Lonliness

 - Jun 11, 2011
References: richard-wilkinson & sweet-station
Richard Wilkinson is an accomplished English illustrator based in London whose work has been featured in publications around the globe, including GQ, Time Magazine and the Telegraph.

Richard Wilkinson's skills as an illustrator are varied, but one of his areas of expertise is in depicting subjects that are clearly going through a tumultuous or lonely time in their lives. Some images from his selected portfolio feature a variety of unpleasant or confusing moments for people, from a woman staring apprehensively at a needle dripping with fluid to a young boy covered in pockmarks reminiscent of chicken pox to a toddler staring at a plate and utensils with sheer and utter confusion on his face (and mind).

Each image casually and effectively draws the viewer into the mindset of the subject. Take a look at some of Richard Wilkinson's best work and allow his illustrated stories to draw you into the artwork.