Richard Tuschman Captures Dioramas of 1930s Life in Poland

 - Mar 8, 2016
References: richardtuschman & mymodernmet
Dark and troubled, the recent work of photographer Richard Tuschman explores family life in 1930s Poland. Essentially an amalgamation of toy furnishings and real people, the detailed dioramas are arresting. It's amazing to see how realistic Richard Tuschman has managed to make each setting while still keeping alive a sense of the impossible.

Addressing this unique quality, Richard Tuschman writes, "I want to have the feeling of dreams or memories [in my work]. It’s more about inner life really than pure realism because in a way for me, things are more interesting in dreams or memories." His owrk is inspired by Brandt, de Chirico and Van Gogh. So it comes as no surprise that he focuses on period pieces as well. They will make people appreciate their own family lives.