Nichifuri's Potato Chip-Flavor Furikake Uniquely Seasons Grains

 - Jan 24, 2018
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"Furikake" is traditionally a dry Japanese seasoning that is used over cooked rice, and Nichifuri is now introducing a unique flavor for this rice topping that is meant to remind of the taste of potato chips.

The potato chip-flavored furikake is based off of the Koike brand's nori seaweed and salt-seasoned chips, which have remained extremely popular in Japan for decades since their introduction in the early 60s. The unconventional rice topping is made by Nichifuri with a combination of dried mashed potatoes, nori, fish extract and kombu, which come together to create plenty of authentic crunch and flavor.

In the past, some other offbeat rice toppings have been launched for the Japanese market, such as the 'Kiyoya Chocolate to Put on Rice.'