This Rewritable Paper Uses UV Light to Write Text Instead of Ink

 - Feb 25, 2017
References: & springwise
This waste-reducing rewritable paper can be used 80 times over. Developed by researchers based in California and China, the process involves printing UV light onto coated, reusable paper. The ink-free invention reduces pollution and sends less waste to landfills while also contributing less to deforestation. It could be used in a variety of ways, from business presentations to labeling.

The rewritable paper is coated in nano particles so it can be printed on over and over again with UV light -- up to 80 times. The reprintable surface uses nontoxic and affordable Prussian blue coloring mixed with titanium dioxide, which is coated on normal paper. The light turns the blue layered paper clear, revealing text, which will break down over five days. You can also erase it faster by exposing it to heat.