The New Shepard Space Vehicle Uses 110,000 Pounds of Thrust

 - Nov 25, 2015
References: blueorigin & theguardian
The New Shepard is a commercial reusable rocket, developed by Blue Origin, that could reinvent commercial space travel even before it kicks off thanks to its innovative use of space technology.

This craft is powered by a special BE-3 engine that is capable of offering a ridiculous 110,000 pounds of thrust that can be used for ascent thrust or for controlled descent. Upon re-entering the atmosphere, the space vehicle is discarded -- at that point the thruster is kept stable by passing air through a special ring atop the launch vehicle.

The New Shepard is a fantastic accomplishment not just because it's a reusable rocket, but because it appears to be winning the second great space race -- the race to dominate commercial space travel.