200 MB of Retro

 - Dec 13, 2007   Updated: Apr 8 2011
References: designboom & designboom
Want to freak out your office IT guy? Put one of these 200MB mini CD-Rs in your machine and tell the computer tech that it won't work. These apparent floppy disks are really CD-Rs in disguise. Very retro for a not-so-distant piece of our history.

The $10 gadget is sold at DesignBoom.

Implications - The rapid advancement of computer technology, and particularly storage drives, has inspired an influx of novelty innovations that poke fun at obsolete gadgets. This compact disc looks just like a floppy disk from the 80s, blending the best of nerdy nostalgia and modern functionality. These accessories will appeal most to geek-chic consumers who appreciate the humor behind each design.