From Floppy Disk Study Notes to Retro Felt Pouches

 - Feb 20, 2011   Updated: Jul 26 2011
The floppy disk was an unfortunate casualty of the march of technology, but luckily the archaic data device has found a second life in these floppy disk reincarnations.

If you've never seen a floppy disk tote bag or bracelet before, you definitely need to click through all of these floppy disk reincarnations. You may never throw away a floppy disk again after seeing this top list.

Implications - Even if you do that, though, I'd be surprised if you had enough floppy disks to create any of the floppy disk reincarnations featured in this collection. When did they become culturally obsolete? I'd say around the time DSL became the Internet norm. Nevertheless, these finds will take you back. Enjoy.