Svedka Vodka Created Creepy Retargeted Ads for Halloween That "Curse" Viewers

 - Oct 20, 2017
References: adweek
In the world of marketing, retargeted ads are commonly used to keep the a brand top-of-mind to consumers who did not convert into customers upon seeing an ad. This can be an incredibly invasive form of advertising, but Svedka Vodka is now playing with this concept in a fun way for Halloween by introducing "cursed" ads that follow users around.

The 'Banner Ad Curse' campaign first introduces consumers to cocktail recipes in pre-roll ads and on their social feeds. When consumers aim to get more information about these videos, they are suddenly directed to a video that chillingly explains: "You're now cursed," and a series of "hellish ads" will be presented based on one's location, preferences and browsing habits.

To break the curse, users are to share clickbait articles like "Are Svedka Cocktails Part of a Curse?" which will pass the curse on to another in one's online network.