The 'Restaurant Social Media Top 10' Chart is Eye-Opening

 - Aug 30, 2012
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Discover which brands have developed a strong online influence with the insightful 'Restaurant Social Media Top 10' chart. While fast-food and restaurant industries are an in-store experience, the need for digital marketing is becoming increasingly important.

The king of all coffee chains Starbucks proves why it remains on top of a highly saturated market. Considering they rank number one on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest -- coming in second only on YouTube and Klout -- the brand demonstrates it has a serious social media strategy. Its ability to generate buzz and empower its loyal followers is what makes Starbucks so infectious and enduring. Brands like Burger King also prove creativity is key with engaging today's consumers, using viral YouTube marketing to promote its products.

Are you curious to know how your favorite chain ranks in the world of social media? Take a browse through the Restaurant Social Media Top 10 infographic to see where your chain measures up.