This Helmet Offers Protection from Chemical and Biological Attacks

 - May 2, 2014
References: avon-protection & gizmag
The HMK150 respirator-helmet provides comprehensive protection against dangerous and potentially fatal chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents. Developed by American company Avon Protection, this respirator-helmet combines the key features of Avon's HM50 face mask with the P100N helmet developed by German company Schuberth.

The HM50 face mask is designed for prolonged use with minimal heat build-up, breathing resistance and carbon dioxide re-inhalation. It can be put on and removed without having to remove the helmet, ensuring head protection at all times, and has a scratch and impact-resistant visor. Meanwhile, the Schuberth P100N helmets protect against blunt force, penetration, fire, chemicals and other threats.

By combining the strengths of Avon's HM50 face mask and Schuberth's P100N, the HMK150 respirator-helmet offers unprecedentedly comprehensive protection against a wide variety of threats. It is ideal for situations such as riot-control, where the threat of physical violence can be accompanied by toxic hazards.