RepuGen Proactively Organizes Healthcare Reviews with Patients

 - May 14, 2019
References: repugen
RepuGen is a software system that keeps all healthcare reputation reviews in one place in order to accurately match patient satisfaction with the reviews online. Its overall mission is to deliver the most authentic approach to healthcare practices.

This allows for better control of businesses' online reputation, patient care and satisfaction, and recovery. Some of the features include protection from negative reviews, patient insights, service recovery, closer patient interactions, and much more. RepuGen works with IPAs, Urgent Care Centers, Hospitals, Private Practices, Medical Groups, and Dental Practices. It also recognizes that the most vocal patients are those that were unsatisfied, often resulting in a skewed overall review. To combat that, RepuGen aims to create a more accurate reputation of the healthcare industry through regular review generation and proactive management.