Reno Ranger Captures ‘Love, Hate, Bigotry, Fear & Desire’

 - May 30, 2009   Updated: Aug 3 2011
References: reno-ranger & homotography.blogspot
Emerging German photographer Reno Ranger showcases the wide range of human emotions and interactions in his series, 'Love, Hate, Bigotry, Fear & Desire.'

The self-explanatory titled shoot features young models Jan, Lars and Kid from Place Models, Hamburg. The hair and make-up were done by Ina Cierniak from Nina Klein. has been tracking quite an interest in emotional and expressive photography in editorials and advertising, more of which you can see below.

Implications - Historically, the human experience has been reduced to a handful of principal emotions; in the case of Reno Ranger's shoot, they are love, hate, bigotry fear and desire. As photographic art becomes more adept at tackling the fundamental questions of existence, ontologically articulate projects will gain considerably more attention and artistic currency.