This Program Removes Commercials from Live and Recorded Shows

 - Oct 13, 2015
References: betalist & betalist
'Skipr' is a new service that removes commercials from live and recorded television programs. While internet streaming allows viewers to watch films and television shows without commercial interruptions, cable programs do not offer the same luxury. This service allows cable and satellite viewers to skip the commercials.

Skipr is a small device that connects to a customer's cable or satellite box. Skipr uses Cloud Services to analyze live TV networks and communicate with the home device. The program detects when a break is about to occur and removes commercials accordingly. When a commercial break begins, the device will provide alternate content such as music or YouTube videos related to the show being watched. When the commercial break is over, Skipr will automatically return to the original program. The device works with live TV as well as programs that have been recorded with a PVR.

The device provides a simple way for users to watch commercial-free programs anytime.