The Remington Requiem Short Video is Dangerously Seductive

 - Mar 15, 2012
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Remington Requiem is a short film by french motion designer and art director Jules Guérin. Following a seductive, Remington pistol-wielding femme fatale, the clip draws inspiration from both comics and film noir.

The film begins by focusing in on a vintage typewriter that prints out the title of the short. Images of cigarettes and syringes being stamped out evoke the impression of destroying something tainted. This notion is further developed as the audience sees the femme fatale shoot down a knife-wielding man. Remington Requiem ends by returning to the typewriter, which has finished writing out the short story.

Using solid, contrasting colors, Remington Requiem creates the impression of looking at detailed, silhouetted figures within a stylish shantytown. The animated film is accompanied by the track 'Remington Requiem' by BABX. The classic, suave allure of the song complements the vampish prowess of the short.