Gregory Martin's Rem Headphones are Flattened for Comfort

 - Jun 9, 2012
References: yankodesign
It is not that uncommon for someone to either fall asleep with earbuds still clinging to recesses of their ears or want to purposefully dose off to the sweet sound of their music; the REM headphones allows them to do that. Unlike traditional earbuds that jam into the ear painfully because they stick out, the REM headphones are flattened to ensure optimal comfort and sound quality.

Designed by Gregory Martin, the REM headphones are not just flattened, they spread vertically across the width of the ear to distribute the pressure placed outside of it instead of inside. Made out of soft, hypoallergenic medical-grade rubber, the REM headphones come with a custom-fit air bladder. Topped with an aluminum finishing cap and a woven cord that allows for no tangling, the REM headphones is a must-have for music lovers.