The 'RE:INVENT' KickStarter Project Tackles ALS Impairments

 - Jul 1, 2013
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The 'RE:INVENT' book was inspired by editor Derick Tsai's colleague, Francis Tsai -- an individual who has battled with the hardships of ALS. As an amazingly creative artist, Francis Tsai was able to use his iPad with his feet to create art once he lost the use of his hands due to the disease. Once he ultimately lost the use of his feet, he began using eye-tracking technology to create his masterpieces.

"Seeing him do all this stuff was absolutely amazing, he had used possibly the worst situation of his life as a catalyst to create some of the best artwork of his career, and in the process he had completely, literally, reinvented the way he did art," comments Derick Tsai in the video. The KickStarter project has already gone over its initial fundraising goal, but you can still contribute and grab a RE:INVENT copy for yourself.