This Infographic Helps Gage if it's Fair to Give a Gift Away

 - Dec 27, 2015
References: refinery29 & refinery29
Regifting is a taboo subject for some that wonder if the concept of giving away a thoughtful present someone has picked out is socially acceptable or not. To help consumers decide if it is in fact okay to regift a present, Refinery 29 shares the 'Should You Regift?' infographic flow chart to help simplify the process. Readers can take the quiz to see if the gift they want to re-give is worth it.

The 'Should You Regift?' infographic is a handy read during the holiday season when consumers are bound to get a present or two that they don't need. Rather than let it go to waste, it can easily be regifted. This quiz is set up like a flow chart asking specific questions to see if the gift is socially acceptable to give away.