Little Dragon Media Offers Programs That Help Refugees Find Work

 - Feb 7, 2017
References: littledragon
Little Dragon Media, a Toronto-based web agency, recently started a refugee campaign that helps skilled people who are fleeing war-torn countries to build careers as entrepreneurs.

The company is said to have gotten its name from Bruce Lee's nickname for China, which is "Xiao Long," and translates from Mandarin to "Little Dragon." Due to the actor's global perception, the company was inspired by his views of acceptance, as he considers all humans to be part of "one family." Keeping this in mind, Little Dragon Media will offer free programs as a part of its refugee campaign, which will give driven individuals the chance to hone their skill sets in a variety of employable fields.

Businesses that are most likely to benefit from these programs include: food caters, interior designers, childcare workers, appliance repairmen, electricians, healthcare professionals, translators and much more.