Palazzo Versace in Dubai Will Cool Beachgoers, Irritate Environmentalists

 - Dec 15, 2008
References: timesonline & luxist
We're slowly starting to get more details about the lavish plans for the Palazzo Versace hotel in Dubai, and a refrigerated beach is one of the latest features to be revealed for the posh resort.

According to the Times Online, the beach adjacent to the Palazzo Versace hotel in Dubai will be fitted with a network of pipes just underneath the sand. The pipes will contain a coolant to absorb heat from the sand and protect well-heeled guests' tootsies. There may also be blowers installed to create a cool breeze over beachgoers.

The Palazzo Versace in Dubai will also have a refrigerated swimming pool. As you might expect, environmentalists have gone bananas over the gigantic carbon footprint the resort will create in keeping its guests cool during scorching hot summers.