Reflex Digestion Aid Zaps the Stomach into High Gear for Your Health

 - Apr 13, 2013
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Right off the bat, I should point out that the Reflex Digestion Aid is not intended as a device that assists with portion control. It might, at first, take the appearance of a mealtime punisher, but it has actually been designed to simply improve the performance of your body.

Based on the principles of reflexology, the hand-worn gizmo has a pair of tiny stainless steel plates that serve as positive and negative electrical nodes. When worn correctly, the points will hit your palm, just below the knuckle of your left index finger.

Slide the loops over your forefinger and your pinky and make a fist to position it. As you eat, Miguel Angel Martinez' Reflex Digestion Aid lightly electrocutes the spot that activates your stomach, ensuring that it breaks down your food to the best of its ability.