'Reflectly Journal' Uses Artificial Intelligence to Promote Mindfulness

 - Nov 7, 2017
References: reflectly.io & itunes.apple
The act of putting pen to paper and journaling can be an incredibly therapeutic process, but the Reflectly Journal app prides itself on making the most of "the newest technologies to make journaling fun, simple and easy."

The app is driven by artificial intelligence and asks users to answer questions about their day, week, month or life in general in order to prompt mindfulness and reflection. As a result of use, Reflectly's system will get to know the user better and ask more personal questions as one's mindfulness companion. On top of this, the AI companion app also provides insights into one's mental state and offers notes like: "throughout the day, keep in mind how you could make today 5% better than yesterday." As well as helping to improve one's day-to-day live, the app also has the potential to reshape one's outlook in general for the better.