The Reebok Authentic Sweat Shirt Parodies Nordstrom Jeans

 - Apr 27, 2017
References: reebok & mashable
After Nordstrom earned its fair share of mockery for selling a pair of pre-mud-caked jeans, Reebok has gotten in on the playful teasing with its spoof 'Reebok Authentic Sweat Shirt.' The parody shirt is actually listed on Reebok's online store for $425 (the same price as Nordstrom's mud-caked jeans,) though it is listed as "sold out."

The gag posits that each of the Reebok Authentic Sweat Shirts was worn by a Reebok employee, and so the sweat is genuine. Indeed, the product page says the shirt is covered in "authentic sweat for those who don't have time to put in the real work," and it claims that the stain will last forever (as long as consumers make sure not to wash it.)