The SmartPatch Adheres to the Sides of the Cheek to Reduce Snoring

 - Nov 26, 2015
References: smart-patch & fastcoexist
For consumers looking for non-intrusive ways to reduce snoring, the SmartPatch device provides an easy nose plug solution that provides relief by creatively adhering to the outside of the nose, rather than through the nostril. The device is small in size allowing wearers to sleep as they wish while wearing it.

Snoring is an issue many people struggle with and it can be difficult to cure. The SmartPatch creatively is able to interact with the noises occurring in the room, such as snoring, and provide an ambient noise that cancels out the unpleasant ones. For example, the device will play the sounds of waves. The gadget hangs above the nose and connects to the cheeks transferring the sounds through the device and removing the unpleasant noises completely.